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the truth about my friend [feb. 5-a, 2008|07:31 pm]
Mean Boiz!

holyscowl (7:30:24 PM): i hate sex! i hate men!
Babblin Joe (7:30:30 PM): you hate sex?
Babblin Joe (7:30:33 PM): is thom bad at it?
holyscowl (7:31:02 PM): oh stop. i'm too freaked out about it.
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the straw that broke the camel's back [feb. 23-a, 2006|11:53 pm]
Mean Boiz!

Babblin Joe (11:42:08 PM): hey big mama
bigmamapangravy (11:42:13 PM): hey dude
Babblin Joe (11:42:16 PM): sup
bigmamapangravy (11:42:24 PM): i'm looking at gap clothes
bigmamapangravy (11:42:26 PM): then i'll go to bed
Babblin Joe (11:42:26 PM): gross
bigmamapangravy (11:42:45 PM): you're opposed to all gap clothes
Babblin Joe (11:42:48 PM): yes
bigmamapangravy (11:42:54 PM): on what grounds
Babblin Joe (11:42:57 PM): the earth
Babblin Joe (11:43:34 PM): i don' tlike the gap and their clothes and their advertising
Babblin Joe (11:43:51 PM): that and i prefer to buy my clothes off the internet
Babblin Joe (11:43:57 PM): from small online shops
bigmamapangravy (11:44:01 PM): i like banana republic a LOT, but they are so far away from where i live and i want a new dress to wear tomorrow
Babblin Joe (11:44:07 PM): what happens tomorrow?
Babblin Joe (11:44:13 PM): hot datE?
bigmamapangravy (11:44:23 PM): nope
bigmamapangravy (11:44:29 PM): i just want one
bigmamapangravy (11:44:37 PM): i have a hot date with my friend laura
Babblin Joe (11:44:42 PM): cool
Babblin Joe (11:44:49 PM): can i come? three way:-P
Babblin Joe (11:44:52 PM): hahaha
bigmamapangravy (11:44:53 PM): gross
bigmamapangravy (11:44:54 PM): no
Babblin Joe (11:44:56 PM): boo
bigmamapangravy (11:45:14 PM): we're going to a lecture about john paul II
Babblin Joe (11:45:22 PM): hot
Babblin Joe (11:45:27 PM): make out duringthe lecture
Babblin Joe (11:45:34 PM): john paul II was all about making out
Babblin Joe (11:45:40 PM): he told me so
bigmamapangravy (11:46:05 PM): you're so gross man
Babblin Joe (11:46:21 PM): least i don't shop at the gap!
Babblin Joe (11:46:23 PM): now that is gross!
bigmamapangravy (11:46:49 PM): they're just clothes
Babblin Joe (11:47:23 PM): precisely!
Babblin Joe (11:49:15 PM): sigh
Babblin Joe (11:49:26 PM): i'm at the lab and no one is online to talk to:-(
bigmamapangravy (11:49:38 PM): you're insufferable
Babblin Joe (11:49:44 PM): ?
bigmamapangravy (11:49:58 PM): stop whining, man!
Babblin Joe (11:50:04 PM): it is the internet!
Babblin Joe (11:50:07 PM): what else would i do?
bigmamapangravy (11:50:11 PM): i don't know
bigmamapangravy (11:50:18 PM): get off the computer
Babblin Joe (11:50:24 PM): can't
Babblin Joe (11:50:26 PM): since that is where i work
bigmamapangravy (11:50:30 PM): you could read
Babblin Joe (11:50:48 PM): i'm tired of dead authors
Babblin Joe (11:50:52 PM): i want live people to talk to
bigmamapangravy (11:50:57 PM): then read alive authors
bigmamapangravy (11:50:58 PM): jesus
bigmamapangravy (11:51:03 PM): i can't listen to you complain anymore
Babblin Joe (11:51:06 PM): hahaha
Babblin Joe (11:51:08 PM): awesome
Babblin Joe (11:51:19 PM): mission accomplished
Babblin Joe (11:51:30 PM): wondered how long before you'd crack
bigmamapangravy signed off at 11:51:54 PM.
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(neniu temo) [nov. 10-a, 2005|06:49 pm]
Mean Boiz!

her myspace:

Babblin Joe: actually i wanted to ask you an important question
Babblin Joe: if you're not busy that is
BananaCasablanca: sort of, but i suppose you can go ahead anyway
Babblin Joe: okay, well i found you via myspace, and my question is this? why do all arsty kids look / dress alike? do you all go to the same stores? / have meetings on how to look as artsy as possible? See i don't get why artsty kids are so artsty if they all look the same, seems paradoxical to me
BananaCasablanca: laughably, you're asking the wrong person
Babblin Joe: but you're an artsy kid
Babblin Joe: who else would i ask?
Babblin Joe: / i'm just wasting time since no one is at the lab where i work
BananaCasablanca: artsy as in, I go to art school?
Babblin Joe: yes an dmake art
Babblin Joe: and dress artsy
Babblin Joe: like if i saw you on the street i'd say oh there goes a kid who goes to art school
BananaCasablanca: I wear the same thing every day, there's nothing artsy about it
Babblin Joe: if there is nothing artsy about it, how then could i id you as an art student without knowing anything about you but your manner of dress?
BananaCasablanca: well, you probably saw some artwork and read in detail, all of my profile, then decided you'd come to the conclusion that you'd be a smartass and just subtly harrass me.
Babblin Joe: no no not at all
Babblin Joe: it was quite the opposite
Babblin Joe: i decided that'd i'd ask my question b4 i read your profile
Babblin Joe: it just turns out my hypothesis was correct
BananaCasablanca: claim whatever you will, but if this is the best you came up with on the entire internet, the vast wave of learning, if you will, it's moderately pathetic, and I'll also ask you to leave me alone because whatever point you're trying to prove is a silly one
BananaCasablanca: considering it's a waste of time
Babblin Joe: i am trying to waste time
Babblin Joe: but i think my point still stands regardless of how silly it is
BananaCasablanca: learn something instead.
Babblin Joe: but i'll let you be
BananaCasablanca: the point being that you aren't very cultured, quick to assume, american
Babblin Joe: what does that have to do with anything? that doesn't change the fact that my hypothesis was right
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which is more insensitive (and offensive)? [sep. 2-a, 2005|10:15 pm]
Mean Boiz!

[Nuna muziko |Q and Not U - End the Washington Monument (blinks) Goodnight]

Choice A:
Babblin Joe: didn't courtney live in new orleans?
Babblin Joe: did she drown?

Choice B:
from the london daily telegraph
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re post from another journal [aŭg. 27-a, 2005|10:24 pm]
Mean Boiz!

The original post was a response to this post

after looking at sam's department web page, and jen's, I can say all grad students seem to have fallen off the ugly tree. I don't see the need to be mean to philosophy grad students. Either way once you're both done with grad school you'll be equally unemployed and ill-equipped for any world other then that of academia, that safe haven for society's socially awkward, confused, and unemployable.

on a different note, Sam sent me a link to your paper that is being published, in regards to it I want to say that I simply abhor your diction / inability to generate any interest in the subject being discussed. From it I took that you read some Whitman poems and he is gay, whoopee Dee do. I learned that in 9th grade. Is this seriously what English majors do? Cheers on getting published though.
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oh snap! [jan. 28-a, 2005|02:14 pm]
Mean Boiz!

oh pipebomb: there is a website that goes through every episode of season 1 of ashlee simpson and shows you wear you can buy the clothes she is wearing
kill that poseur: that is sad, did you make it?
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long time no update [jan. 3-a, 2005|07:48 pm]
Mean Boiz!

youareabsurd: this is the only time i saw the girl on the right smile ever
kill that poseur: she smiles a lot.
kill that poseur: maybe you're mean so she doesn't smile to you.
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uh huh huh [nov. 24-a, 2004|12:53 am]
Mean Boiz!

oh pipebomb: sam i am excited to drive to nc by myself!
kill that poseur: make out sessions!
oh pipebomb: i am excited about making a playlist for the drive
oh pipebomb: it will include lots of std
kill that poseur: i bet so will the backseat of the car.
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response to a message board topic titled, darla or other girls who know about womens issues [nov. 19-a, 2004|01:11 am]
Mean Boiz!

"darla doesn't know about women issues, she is just full of them!

oh snap!"
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you weren't my friend [nov. 19-a, 2004|01:09 am]
Mean Boiz!

so this girl on the facebook who I went to high school with tried to add me as her friend without even messaging me. She was never my friend, so I responded with a rejection and an attached message saying, "Since when were you my friend? Huh? That's what I thought!!!"

Total Mean Boiz Style!
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